"Choose only one master - Nature." ~ Rembrandt 

The professional and established artists in Wild Edge Gallery share a deep connection with the natural world. They have been selected for their intrinsic understanding of the wild, and their ability to portray this connection in their dynamic and challenging artworks.

Set in rural Somerset, Wild Edge Gallery is a new venture from Erica Sharpe of Erica Sharpe Fine Jewellery. The nature that surrounds Erica is her richest source of inspiration. This inspiration has, up until now, only been seen in Erica's hand-crafted jewellery, but each piece of jewellery begins its life as a sketch. 

As a finalist in the 2014 David Shepherd Wildlife Artist of the Year awards, Erica has had art exhibited in the past, but now Wild Edge Gallery provides a permanent place to display more, alongside the work of other artists inspired by the energy of nature.